Adobo Project is a collection of reviews and stories of our dining and travel experiences. 

We chose a catchy name for our blog that will immediately identify us as Filipinos, therefore the word ‘Adobo’ came up. And since part of being a foodie is going to places to try out new restaurants and delicacies, plus the fact that we both like going on out of town and road trips, we decided to include our travel experiences to make this blog more interesting.

We are not certified food critics or travel writers, but just two ordinary people who enjoy eating and traveling together. Therefore, Adobo Project is a repository and a platform where we share our personal experiences about our food and travel adventures, whether good or bad.

If you have any suggestion of a place, restaurant, resort, hotel, or any interesting thing that we should try and make a review, let us know! We will gladly visit your place to try out what you offer. You can email us at adoboprojectph@gmail.com.