Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico – San Juan

We found out about this place while searching for best-value buffet restaurants. Eager to know if it’s worthy of its good reviews online, we decided to try it right away. Guevarra’s is a restaurant owned by Chef Laudico who became known for his participation in the TV show – MasterChef Pinoy Edition.

Overall rating: 8.63/10

Food: 8/10

The selection of food was quite impressive. Most of the dishes that we’re looking for in a Filipino restaurant were present; however, there was no Adobo – the most popular Filipino dish. Anyway, they have a good variety of other dishes to choose from to compensate for its absence.

If you’re a meat lover and fond of grilled/roasted food, for sure you’re going to enjoy the Carving and Grill station in one corner. It has roast beef, Lechon pork belly, Liempo (grilled pork belly), Bagnet (crispy pork belly), US Angus tapa, pork and chicken barbecues. Aside from the meat, they also have grilled Daing na Bangus and squid. Everything’s tasty and tender except for the Lechon skin which was too hard to bite. We felt like our teeth would fall off if we force it. But other than that, the food on this side of the buffet table was a great satisfaction.




Our favorite is their unique Sinampalukang Manok. No soup, just the roasted yellowish chicken. The look and taste is somehow similar to chicken pandan. Albeit the soup, the chicken remained succulent and the tamarind taste was a bit evident but not overpowering. It was so good!

Another favorite is the Seafood Tinola. The soup tasted like a perfect mix of chicken and seafood broth with pungent flavor of ginger. We even skipped the Bulalo soup  for another round of Tinola. They also had Hinalabos na Hipon (Shrimp) which we also enjoyed and Chili Garlic Crabs (we’ll try this next time).


In general, all the food we tried were delicious, we really couldn’t remember anything that tasted bland. The food preparation was commendable, the dishes seemed to be prepared orderly and with much care. And they were all nicely set up in a long tidy table.


Place: 9/10

The restaurant is an old house situated in the quiet neighborhood of San Juan. It’s a bit far from the busy street of Wilson where you can find most restaurants, and the place is not that easy to locate (thanks to Waze we made it there).

The ambiance brings you back to the old times with its big windows, wooden floors and wall partitions. The restaurant is very picturesque from the outside anytime of the day. There’s a garden and a gazebo where you can hangout and take photos, a fountain near the entrance, and a HUGE parking space.



The interior is simple but elegant, it has white walls with some paintings and images, beautiful chandeliers in the main hallway and pin lights all over. However, we find the restrooms too small for the entire place especially when there’s a lot of customers.

Nevertheless, the place is great for occasions like birthdays,  reunions, and even a romantic lunch or dinner. They have function rooms/areas that can cater to groups who want some privacy.


If you’ve been meaning to try out this restaurant for a long time, don’t ever think to just walk-in during weekends as you might end up not getting any table. Remember, the place isn’t so accessible especially if you’re commuting. So it’s better to call the restaurant first before heading there to avoid disappointment. Alright?

Service: 9/10

Since it was a weekday afternoon, we thought that maybe we could just walk-in. But we were wrong, they were fully booked already when we got there. The lady in the reception area, however, was quick to offer us their Maagang Salu-Salo Promo which allow you to dine between 5:00PM-6:30PM but for a lesser price (see buffet rates below).

Of course we grabbed the offer and then went straight to the buffet table as we only had less than an hour left (we arrived at 5:45PM). They were fairly lenient with the time limit, they let us finish our food or even get some more from the buffet spread even if it was past 6:30PM already. They still refill food immediately and courteous enough to put a note when a dish is being refilled.  The waiters were also quick to get our soiled dishes once we were done.

Perhaps, what they need to improve on is their efficiency during bill-out as it took a long time before we were able to settle ours.

Value for money: 8.5/10

Guevarra’s definitely offers great value for money.  For P600+, you’ll surely get your money’s worth. You get to enjoy a great dining experience not only because of its delectable dishes, but also of its overall nice ambiance and good service.


Buffet rates:
Weekday Lunch (Monday-Friday) Php 446.88
Weekday Dinner (Monday-Thursday) Php 558.88
Weekends/Holidays (Friday Dinner, Saturday and Sunday Lunch and Dinner) Php 670.88
Maagang Salu-Salo Promo (5:00-6:30 PM)
Monday-Thursday Php 502.88
Friday-Sunday Php 614.88

Guevarra’s by Chef Laudico
P. Guevarra, San Juan City
Manila, Philippines
705 1811 / 705 1874 / 0917 311 2222
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11 AM to 2 PM, 5 PM to 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM to 10 PM





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