Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant – Kapitolyo, Pasig

Alright, we have a long queue of food and restaurants to write about. But this one can’t wait anymore, and we’re excited to share it with you. If you’re quite a follower of our food reviews, we try as much as possible to visit the restaurant at least twice before making a review. So just last month we were able to dine again at Haru Sushi Bar to fix our Japanese cravings. Here is a combined review of our 2 visits.

Overall rating: 9/10

Food: 9.25/10

This is among the best Japanese restaurants we’ve tried here in Metro Manila in terms of quality of food, place, and price. It simply never fails to impress us each time we were there.  Everything we ordered from sushi, sashimi, ramen to tempura were fresh and tasted good!

Aki Nigiri Moriawase (sushi platter) – P419
Ebi Tempura (prawn tempura)- P317
Tempura Moriawase (seafood and vegetable tempura) – P299
Sake (salmon sashimi) – P488
Maguro (tuna sashimi) – P276
Seafood Ramen – P279
Crazy Roll – P198

Sake (salmon sashimi)
Maguro (tuna sashimi)

They offer a variety of sashimi from local to imported. Being both sashimi lovers, our Japanese meal wouldn’t be complete without an order of salmon sashimi, and theirs was exceptional! They served delicately sliced thick cuts of salmon. The freshness of it is so addicting, it truly melts in your mouth.

L-R: Aki Nigiri Moriawase, Sake, Ebi Tempura

The sushi platter was another hit. We love everything in it, well maybe except for that white-fleshed fish (Kajiki) because of its distinct weird taste. Nonetheless, the sushi platter is a must try!

Haru_Ebi Tempura_20161202_182058.jpg
Ebi Tempura (prawn)

Ebi Tempura is also a staple order  whenever we eat in a Japanese restaurant. They were crunchy, had the right crisp and the prawns were perfectly cooked, same with the mixed seafood and vegetable tempura.

Seafood Ramen

The Seafood Ramen wasn’t their specialty, but it had a good assortment of seafood and veggies making it flavorful and filling. Serving was generous enough to be shared by two.

Haru_Crazy Roll_20161202_181634-3.jpg
Crazy Rolls

The Crazy Rolls were as delicious as they look! The rolls had thin layer of rice with great portion of other ingredients inside and on top that will make you crave for more.

Place: 9/10


Haru has a nice interior which looks Japanese in many ways, but definitely doesn’t depict minimalism which most Japanese interiors are known for. It has many decorations all over and in every corner. But nonetheless, it’s a good attempt in fostering a Japanese vibe by putting together things that resemble the Japanese culture. Parking was very limited though, the place would’ve been a perfect 10 if only it has more parking slots.


Service: 9/10

We had no reservations but the staff was quick to assist us from the moment we arrived to taking and delivering our orders. We especially like to experience dining on the sushi bar where the action takes place for preparing their raw dishes.

Perhaps, it would be also better if they have some pictures of the dishes in their menus and not just all plain text and Japanese characters, that way customers can be quite quick in deciding which ones to order.


Value for money: 8.75/10

Haru offers affordable but quality Japanese food. There’s a lot of Japanese restaurants out there, but undeniably most of them that offer quality food and nice ambiance will burn hole in your pockets. But in Haru, you get the same quality of Japanese food or even better for lesser price.

Should we go back? Yes, definitely! In fact, it’s now included in our go-to places for Japanese food, and we have yet to try their other best sellers like Gyoza, Dynamite Roll, Teppanyaki, and Donburi!

Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant
21 West Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Contact No.: (632) 6310597
Opening hours: Mon-Sun  11 AM to 2 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM


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