Food adventure and pasalubong shopping in Coron, Palawan

We’ve compiled a list of restaurants based on our own research and suggestions from friends. But we hadn’t finalized it yet until we arrived in Coron as we wanted to include suggestions from the locals there.

Food adventure

Here’s the list:

  • Kawayanan Grill – We tried eating here on our first night – our very first meal in Coron. From the outside it seems to be a decent grill restaurant with native huts for an al fresco dining experience. Unfortunately, the huts were all occupied and we had no choice but to dine at a cabana-like dining area and sit on its papag (bamboo bed). It had been a pleasant experience for a while – we were eating their “best” selling seafood platter and enjoying the cool breeze when an intruder suddenly appeared! It was a flying cockroach! The split-second I saw it I immediately jumped out of the cabana not minding the drizzle. The waiter chased the cockroach until it eventually went away. We kinda lost our appetite, but since we were not used to not finishing our food, we ate as much as we could. The only leftover we had were the mussels because it looked stale. The seafood platter tasted average, nothing really special. But we do like their Sinigang na Lechon – the dish that saved the day!

    Kawayanan Grill: Seafood Platter
  • Lobster King – We had no chance to check it out. A tricycle driver recommended this place, but we sticked to our plan and followed a friend’s suggestion… (see above)
  • Winnie’s Restaurant – This time we were determined to try another recommendation from a local there – our hotel receptionist. Unfortunately, it was closed when we got there. Ughhh… sayang!
  • Lolo Nonoy’s – Every time we passed by this resto it was always full of customers. So to satisfy our curiosity, we finally agreed to try it after our failed attempt at Winnie’s. We figured 2 reasons why it’s always jam packed: it’s cheap and offers a variety of food choices. As for the taste, you get what you paid for. The chicken BBQ that we ordered looked like boiled chicken placed on fire for a few seconds, then coated with pinkish barbecue sauce to look charcoal-grilled, you get what I mean? But it wasn’t a major disappointment after all because we actually liked their precooked Bicol Express which you can order at the counter (carinderia style). Well… sometimes the tasty dishes are at the turo-turo and not from the printed menu.
  • Sinugba sa Balay – Saving the best for last! This is the best among all the restaurants we tried in Coron. We loved everything that we ordered here: seafood tom yum soup, shrimp and pork barbecues, and grilled tuna belly. Even their dalandan shake was so good and refreshing. Everything tasted fresh and delicious. They didn’t overdo the flavors of their grilled dishes. No orange-y glaze for the BBQs (you know the typical Pinoy BBQ covered with thick red-orange sauce?).
    Sinugba sa Balay: shrimp and pork barbecues, grilled tuna belly, and seafood tom yum soup (no photo)

    Honestly we were skeptic at first because we couldn’t find a good number of great reviews about it online. One blogger gave it a so-so review and complained about its pricey menu. But coming from a whole day activity (island hopping and Mt. Tapyas climb), we couldn’t afford to be picky because we were very HUNGRY so we gave it a shot. If you can only see our faces lit while eating, we looked like kids giggly eating our favorite food. It was a damn great satisfaction after last night’s food misadventure. Finally, something to rave about! It was so yummy and filling. We considered it as the highlight of our food adventure in Coron! It’s also affordable given the taste and quality of the food. Our total bill was only less than Php 1,000!


Where to buy Pasalubong?

Palawan is famous for having the best cashew nuts. It’s a bit pricey though, a kilo costs around Php 800, and a 100-gram pack costs Php100. For freshly roasted and baked cashew nuts, go buy at Coron Harvest. The owner is an old lady named Aling Lita who is known for selling the best roasted cashew nuts in town. Aside from cashews, you can bring home some dried seafood (eg. tuyo, danggit, pusit) which you can buy near the port.

For souvenirs, there’s a shop called Coron Souvenir and Gift Shop where you can find cheap souvenir items like key chains, magnets, and other accessories. For souvenir shirts, we found a cool digital t-shirt printing shop just a few steps away from the gift shop. We forgot the name, but when you’re walking along Busuanga Road with the sea on your right, the shop is on the opposite side (left).  You can immediately spot it because its big facade window is full of t-shirt designs. They have quite a lot of designs to choose from which they can also customize according to your preference. They have 100% cotton shirts that only costs around Php 250-300 each depending on the size. And once you’ve picked a design, they will print it right away on your shirt. Then voila… it’s done!

women’s shirt

So that’s the story of our food adventure and pasalubong shopping in Coron! Until next time!


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