Coron, Palawan: Island Hopping and Town Tour (3D/2N)

There’s so much to see in Coron. It has beautiful white sand beaches, lagoons, lakes, and a vibrant, diverse marine life. If you love diving and snorkeling or just being under the water, this must be heaven for you.


Day 1 – Maquinit Spring
Day 2 – Coron Island tour and Mt. Tapyas
Day 3 – Town tour + Pasalubong shopping

See package tour rates below.

Coron Town Tour

Maquinit Hot Spring: We went here on our first night in Coron. Initially, we had not planned anything on our first day because we thought arriving past 5:00 pm at the hotel was already too late to do some activities. However, our receptionist being too nice, suggested that we can actually go to Maquinit hot spring so we can maximize our time. We rented a tricycle for Php 400 round trip; we stayed for an hour and the driver waited for us. There was an entrance fee of Php 200 per person with free use of huts for a first come, first served basis.

We thought that we wouldn’t be able to contain the heat, but once you take your first dip with your whole body soaked in the water, the heat would become bearable. It was indeed a calming and relaxing bath. We can’t imagine how heat this could be during summer time, but they say it’s scorching hot.

Maquinit Hot Spring

The 700+ steps to Mt. Tapyas: This is tricky. They say it’s only 700+ steps, but for us it feels like 1400+. The steps of the stairs are huge and wide, so one step is actually two footsteps. The perfect time to do this is in the afternoon and make sure you are at the top before the sun sets, because according to the locals it’s such a beauty to watch. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to witness its beauty due to the gloomy weather.

View from the top of Mt. Tapyas


Coron Island Tour 

Our first stop was Siete Pecados which is the nearest snorkeling area from the town. The current was quite strong in this area that you wouldn’t be able to notice that the current is already taking you farther and farther from the boat. And if you find yourself struggling to get back to the boat, call the attention of your guide so he can help you.

Next stop was the Kayangan Lake. If it’s your first time in Coron like us, you better include this in your itinerary because they say you haven’t been to Coron if you haven’t been to either Kayangan Lake or Twin Lagoon! Kayangan Lake is considered to be the cleanest lake in Asia. From what I remember from the story of our tour guide, Coron has a total of 11 lakes but only the Kayangan and Barracuda lakes are open to the public as the indigenous people called Tagbanuas, want to preserve their ancestral land and maintain the sacredness of their place away from many spectators.

Don’t be discouraged if you hear your guide says that you have to trek up and down to see the lake. It will be all worth it once you see it. Its enchanting clear turquoise water speaks for itself.

Relaxing at Kayangan Lake

After Kayangan lake, we were off to Beach 91 to take some rest while we waited for our lunch to be served. It was buffet style; you get your food and go back if you want more. But I guess we were all so hungry because there was no more food left for a second round. Oh well! By the way, they served us with fresh and delicious food.

Beach 91


Sumptuous lunch

After filling our tummies, we headed to CYC Beach and spent a couple of minutes snorkeling. Then we went to  Malwawey Island to see a sunken Japanese ship called Skeleton Wreck. The marine life in this site is so diverse and vibrant. The abundance of fishes and corals which come in different sizes and colors truly amazed us, divers would definitely find this place a paradise.

Twin Lagoon was our last stop. While we get closer and closer to the lagoon, even if I’ve already seen similar limestones and rock formations in El Nido, I still couldn’t help but marvel at them. It still elicits excitement and awe from me and my partner. The boats dock at the first lagoon, and to access the second lagoon you’ll need to swim and pass through a small cave-like opening below an enormous rock or climb a ladder during high tide. You’ll be surprised how the water changes temperature as you move. The cold freshwater meets the hot salt water, making the water underneath warm, and then cold on the surface. Quite strange, isn’t it?

Entrance to Twin Lagoon

Swimming in the Twin Lagoon is a great way to culminate our island hopping adventure. Magical moments like this makes us want to explore more. We promised ourselves that next time we go to Coron, we should bring with us an underwater camera. That’s one thing we really wish we had! But on the bright side, it’s something to look forward to – hoping to be back to collect and capture a bunch of memories again.

And since we didn’t have an underwater camera that time, we just enjoyed every minute of it capturing mental images, and feeling the calmness of the water while looking closely at the beauty of the corals and marine organisms. It was indeed pure bliss!


  • Travel agencies offer almost the same rates for package tours, they vary only with the inclusions (eg. buffet lunch, free use of kayak, etc.)
  • Bring your own snorkeling gears as most island hopping activities involve snorkeling.
  • Bring waterproof camera and flippers for a more enjoyable underwater experience.
  • Go to Mt. Tapyas in the afternoon and watch the sunset. Then go straight to Maquinit hot spring to relax your tight muscles after the climb.
  • It’s cheaper to just hire a tricycle to take you around the town instead of getting a package tour.
  • Tricycle ride within the town proper only costs Php 8.00 per person.
  • Where to eat and buy pasalubong? See next post.


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