Weekend Stay at Coron Bluewave Hotel

Looking for a place to stay in Coron during off-peak season is easy, you can actually just walk-in to the hotels located in the town proper. Upon arrival at the airport, a number of people offering van transfer service would welcome you and most of them would recommend their hotel partners. In our case, since it was our first time in Coron we booked a room via Agoda a few months prior to our trip to be sure that we will have a nice place to stay. As much as possible we wanted a hassle-free and relaxed vacation.

We highly recommend Coron Bluewave Hotel.  They have a pool that stands out from the hotel’s plain white theme.  It feels like having your own private pool if you manage to get a room on the ground floor. However, when kids are playing or people are lounging in the area and having a good time, prepare yourself for the noise that you have to endure especially at night. We were there during off-peak season in September, so we were able to enjoy quiet times by the pool.

We booked a suite room on the second floor where its window overlooks the pool and faces the mountainous side of Coron. It has two immovable concrete beds (single and double bed). So if you have a child and thinking to move the bed closer to yours, it’s not possible as the beds are fixed. There’s an LCD TV with limited channels, mini fridge, water heater, and a small safety deposit box. The bathroom has hot shower, a bidet and a blower. There were free toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, and a big bottle of shampoo (no, you can’t take it home LOL). They don’t have complimentary bottled water though, but they have a water dispenser in the reception and in the dining area upstairs where you can refill your water bottles anytime.

One thing we find weird is the location of their A/C. It is installed above the door and it is too high. So if you are not tall enough, there’s no way you can adjust the thermostat of the A/C without standing on something to lift you. You can only turn it on/off using a button near the headboard. And always keep in mind to turn it off whenever you are out on a tour as the room gets really freezing cold. This was the same issue we had with their hot shower – it is installed too high as well. I’m only 5’2″ and I feel helpless every time I have to adjust the thermostat. Therefore, at times, I just didn’t bother to use it.

Dining area

Their dining area upstairs has a view of the sea, quite far from it actually, but the ambiance up there is nice and cozy. The tables and chairs are also made of concrete and immovable like the beds. The free breakfast was delicious enough that my partner went for another round so we can taste the waffles. And to our delight, they serve unlimited juice, tea, and coffee in the morning which we took advantage of.

Beef tapa, garlic rice, sunny side up egg, and mango

All the staff were nice and very accommodating. They were always willing to help and ready to give tips and advice on where to go, where to dine, etc. They even prepared individual towels that we can bring with us during tours. they also lent us umbrellas and provided plastic bags for our wet clothes. They were so hospitable and caring which is a major plus for us.

It was a short but a remarkable stay at Coron Bluewave Hotel. The food was delicious, the staff were great, the place was nice and clean, and the price was reasonable. So we are giving this hotel a high score: 9.5/10

night time

Coron Bluewave Hotel
Nueva Street, 6, Barangay 1
Coron, Philippines
+63905 570 5978


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