Carnivore Haven: Meat Depot in Parañaque & QC

If you are craving for a steak and very particular about the type, cut,  and the degree of its doneness, then this is the best place to go to satisfy that steak craving! Meat Depot offers reasonably priced high-quality steaks and is by far has the best steak that we have tasted here in the Metro. It is a wholesale and retail meat shop with dine-in option.

They have a branch in BF Homes, Parañaque City and just recently opened another one in Banawe, Quezon City. Yes you read it right, they now have a branch here in the North!

How to order

This is a self-service steak house. You only need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Choose your meat.
  2. Fill out a self-service form.
  3. Go to the counter and pay.
  4. Wait for your steak!

What we ordered

Angus Ribeye

Meat depot_Angus rib eye raw_WM
Angus ribeye meat
Angus ribeye medium-well

Another order of Angus steak…

Meat depot Angus rib eye2_WM.jpg
Angus ribeye steak medium-well

Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu raw_WM
Wagyu ribeye meat
Meat depot WM
Wagyu ribeye steak medium-well


Porterhouse/T-bone steak medium-well

Every order of steak already comes with a side of your choice, you can choose from mashed potatoes, fries, or plain rice.

Overall rating: 9.25/10

Taste: 10/10 – We’ve been to both branches and as you can see, we like our steak to be cooked medium-well. Meaning it’s not rare, not well-done, but just right. The steak is easy to chew and slightly juicy while still tasting bits of the rare meat. If it’s cooked medium-well, the steak should have a pale pink portions in the interior but mostly gray-brown.What they served in both branches were pretty consistent, steaks were not tough and truly tasted great! Their steaks are on par with those fancy, expensive steak houses, or even better.

Place: 9/10 – The place was simple and clean. The branch in Banawe looks more spacious and has more tables for dine-in customers. The place can be often jam packed during  peak hours (lunch 12-1pm, dinner 7-8pm), so it’s better to go during off peak to avoid long queues and waiting time. Both branches have enough parking spaces.

Service: 9/10 – The staff were all very nice and helpful. If you are kinda noob about choosing your meat, you can always ask them for recommendations. Perhaps, to further improve their already good service, they could put up a few more counters so the queue during peak hours would be quite fast. Or a dedicated counter for to-go/take away orders.

Value for money: 9/10 – Their steaks were really affordable compared to other steak houses. Budget for 2 persons would cost around P1,200-P1,500 without drinks but of course it still depends on the kind of meat you chose. If you have a few extra bucks to spend, choose from their selection of imported steaks, though prices can go up to P1,500 each.

It’s not every day you get to taste high-quality steak for an affordable price, so do not forget to try their Angus or Wagyu steaks. Frozen meat products are also available if you like to cook them at home. Aside from steaks, they also sell frozen beef tapa, pork liempo, pork chops, longganisa, tocino, and many more. It’s really a haven for all meat-lovers out there!

Meat Depot
BF Homes, Parañaque Branch
283 Aguirre Ave, Parañaque, 1720 Metro Manila

Banawe, Quezon City Branch
815 Banawe st., St. Peter, Quezon City

Shop | 8AM-10:30PM
Brunch | 10AM-2PM
Dinner | 6PM-10:30PM
Wholesale + Retail + Cooking Services


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