An overnight stay at Palm Beach Resort, Laiya, Batangas

Palm Beach is a quiet resort at the far end of the long stretch of Laiya with beautiful infinity pools, lots of trees, good food, and strong WiFi connection.

Overall rating: 8.6/10

Facilities (9/10) – All casas have veranda facing the sea. Better get the rooms on the 3rd floor to get an overlooking view. They have 2 infinity pools; 1 for day tour guests, and an exclusive 1 for guests who availed accommodation. The cabanas in the beach are free to use where you can lie down and just enjoy the sea breeze. The beach front is not as great as the pools though, because of the sharp and rough pebbles and rocks on the shore and under the sea. The rooms are tidy and spacious. The bathroom has high-pressure hot and cold shower, plus a bidet in the toilet.

Cleanliness (9/10) – The entire resort was clean. Our room was freshly made up upon our arrival. The pools looked clean and well-maintained. The lifeguard was so strict in implementing their policy on taking a shower first before dipping in the pool.


Food (8/10) – During our stay, all guests were required to avail the full board meals (Buffet style: lunch, snack, dinner, and breakfast) because a la carte order was not available. In our case, meals were already included in our booking fee. Food was simple yet delicious. For lunch and dinner, there were about 4-5 dishes plus 2 dessert selections, and an unlimited serving of brewed coffee and iced tea.

Service (10/10) – The staff were very helpful and accommodating. They have a free shuttle service anytime of the day. This becomes truly helpful if you are traveling with kids and senior citizens.

Price (7/10) – We paid a total of Php 8500++ for an overnight stay for two (2) persons in a Casa Alba room, inclusive of full board meals. The food was quite pricey as additional meal would cost around P500 per head for lunch/dinner. So on average, price would be around P4,000 per person.

Tips and Notes
– They were not so strict on bringing in of food and drinks. But cooking is strictly prohibited.
– Drinking is only allowed within the premise of your accommodation. But during our stay, some groups stayed at the cabanas while drinking. Perhaps, such activity might be tolerated as long as you would not cause any inconvenience to other guests.
– They offer banana boat activity for groups. Vests, snorkeling gears, and kayak boats are also available for rental.
– The resort is located at the far end of the long stretch of Laiya resorts, near Taramindu resort.
– Bring some snacks and drinks with you because the resort has very minimal selection of items to buy in the reception area (only cigarettes, some chips, few swimming attire, etc) and there was no sari-sari store nearby.
– There was no cellphone signal for Globe, so we relied on their WiFi connection the entire time.
– Bring your own aqua shoes too because as mentioned, the beach is so rocky.
– The best time to take photos of the infinity pool is during lunch time because no one is in the pool area as everyone is at the dining pavilion eating! 🙂



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